Phillip Bush has had a varied and expansive career in the music, fashion and entertainment industries, having a wide knowledge of youth cultures, fashion, and music. Wearing and trading in collectable vintage clothing brought him to the attention of designers and stylists, helping develop design ideas through reference pieces for luxury menswear brands, styling shoots for bands as well as editorial and film. 
After signing to Kitsune records, Bush toured extensively for seven years with the band Cazals, while modelling and working on various fashion projects.
Bush is about to launch the new creative music agency LDN Selective, building sonic identities to match visual concepts, he continues styling and has an editorial in the current summer issue of Jocks & Nerds magazine. 


  1. 20:00 - 21:00 on 29 Jun 2014
    Phillip Bush presents a live stream.

    Saint Laurent: Live panel discussion