Ramón J. Goñi is a director, cinematographer and multimedia journalist. A Law and Political Science graduate, he also holds a masters degree in International Relations from the prestigious Institut d'Études Politiques in Paris (Sciences Po). In the early years of his career, Goñi worked as a correspondent in the US, UK, France and Spain for BBC News and several other international media outlets. After almost a decade of intensive work with words - in English, Spanish and French - in 2009 he felt the need to leap into a visual and more universal language: film direction and cinematography. His work has since been featured by W Magazine, Vanity Fair, SHOWstudio and Fashion TV as well as in art galleries and fashion film festivals around the world.

His first film for SHOWstudio in 2010, 'Swoon Éphémère', was later showcased at international film festivals and museum exhibitions such as 'MODE_BILD 1980-2010' Fashion Retrospective at Kunstbibliothek | Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz BERLIN (2011), 'ASVOFF' Fashion Film Festival | Paris (2011) and 'AGITE Y SIRVA' Touring Videodance Festival | MEXICO (2011).

Goñi currently lives and works in New York City, where he joined forces with artist and doll maker Andrew Yang to launch SWOON NYC, a creative content agency specialising in the luxury industries. He says of his work, 'labels are for cat food cans. I am a storytelling vehicle for other people, for creative people of all sorts. Fashion designers, artists, musicians... and people with a story crying to be told. They are all in need of translating their lives and their craft into motion pictures. That's what I do'.





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On New Terms

Limbo is the keyword with this piece - artistic limbo, personal limbo, storyline limbo. Everything about the film is in between.


  1. 3 Aug 2012
    Ramón J. Goñi features in a project.

    On New Terms