Rebecca and Mike is a London-based creative partnership, whose process of creating visual communication involves analysing aspects of human cognition, behaviour, culture and experience. In 2003 IDEA magazine clarified their practice as one that, "defies definition in existing categories like product and graphic design, and reveals new angles of the essential nature of phenomena that lie before our eyes. They drop methods from cognitive science and statistics into the grammar of their designs, resulting in projects that clarify issues in the same way that adding one line to a diagram can make the solution to a mathematical problem seem simple. They have worked on projects for Paul McCartney, Trevor Beattie, the UK Government, Cadburys and many other industry leaders.



  1. 2 Jun 2008
    Rebecca & Mike features in a project.

    1-1 The Art of Football

  2. 6 Dec 2006
    Rebecca & Mike features in a project.

    Twelve Days