Renee Cuoco is Education for Sustainability Projects Manager at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Cuoco has a background in law and fashion and textile design. She applies a range of communication, creative and analytical skills to business and education projects in her role at CSF. With experience working with high-end designers and luxury brands, Renee has a holistic understanding of the fashion industry, from conceptual design and craftsmanship to the driving factors behind commercial business.

Working across business and education projects Cuoco has collaborated with various private and public funding bodies, recent projects include working with Nike on the Mobilize Makers project and delivering the Fashioning the Future Summer School 2013 with funding from the British Council. Exploring design for sustainability and education for sustainable development principles, Cuoco is interested in cross-discipline collaboration and the role of designers beyond the creation of product.



  1. 11 Apr 2014
    Renee Cuoco features in a project.

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