Rupert Angarita-Dodds is an award-winning freelance news editor and cameraman based in London. He began his career working in his native South Africa in numerous cameraman and editing positions. In 1994, Dodds acquired the first non-linear editing system in South Africa which enabled him to add speed to his editing process. He left South Africa in 1995 and began to work for a broad base of clients including the BBC, MTV, CNN, French TV, Korean broadcasting and several post-production facilities. In 1999, Dodds was involved in training and technical support in ABC News complete transition to digital using Avid. In 2001, Dodds received the Peabody Award and the Alfred I.DuPont Award for his coverage of the 11 September attacks in America. In 2003, he was headhunted by Fox News and was the cameraman, editor and satellite technician for a clandestine team that reported live, daily from Kurdistan when the Iraq invasion began. Dodds works works single-mindedly on stories ranging from breaking news to longer form and has gained a reputation as one of the quickest working editors. He currently works at the London Bureau for ABC News America, for which he has covered stories such as the Asian tsunami and the capture of Saddam Hussein, as well as working for various clients in international locations including Sri Lanka, Israel and Burma.

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    Rupert Angarita-Dodds creates a fashion show.

    Rupert Angarita-Dodds

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    Rupert Angarita-Dodds creates a fashion film.

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    Rupert Angarita-Dodds features in a project.

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