Sam Sneade is an editor based in London. Over the past twenty-five years Sneade has worked on numerous commercials with directors including Tony Kaye, Frank Budgen and Jonathan Glazer. In 1995, he launched ‘Sam Sneade Editing Limited’ which was renamed ‘Speade Limited’ in 2003. He has received numerous nominations for editing and won ‘Best Editor’ at Creative Circle, a British Television Award for Best Editing and a Clio Award. For four years running, Sneade was voted ‘Best Editor’ by Televisual, a UK advertising trade publication, and was voted one of the top three editors worldwide by UK trade publication Campaign.

In 1999, Sneade worked on his first full-length feature with director Jonathan Glazers entitled ‘Sexy Beast’. This was followed by Glazer’s second feature, ‘Birth’, starring Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall. Sneade has worked as editor on Stephen Woolley’s directorial debut ‘Stoned', in 2005, and has sinced worked on two segments of 'The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer', and more recently on Vicente Penarrocha's 'Guantanamero'.



  1. 3 Aug 2011
    Sam Sneade creates a fashion film.

    Sam Sneade

  2. 19 Dec 2005
    Sam Sneade creates a fashion film.

    Editor's Cut: Sam Sneade

  3. 19 Dec 2005
    Sam Sneade features in a project.

    Editing Fashion