Scanner is a sound artist. Also known as Robin Rimbaud, Scanner creates absorbing, multi-layered soundscapes that twist technology in unconventional ways. His early work gained notoriety for using scanned mobile phone conversations mixed into his own compositions. More recently his focus has shifted to recording the hidden noise of the modern metropolis as "the symbol of the place where hidden meanings and missed contacts emerge". Scanner is committed to working with cutting edge practitioners and has collaborated with musicians Bryan Ferry and Laurie Anderson, Rambert Dance and Random Dance Company, writers David Toop and Simon Armitage, the artist Mike Kelley, among many others.

As well as producing compositions and audio CDs, his diverse body of work includes soundtracks for films, performances, radio, and site-specific installations. He has performed and created works in many of the world's most prestigious spaces including SFMOMA USA, Hayward Gallery London, Pompidou Centre Paris, Tate Modern London and the Modern Museum Stockholm.

Permanent Installations

  • 'Sound Curtains', a permanent display in the Science Museum, London
  • 'Channel of Flight', Raymond Poincaré Hospital, Garches, France

Selected Awards

  • Neptune Water Prize
  • Imaginaria award for Digital Art at the ICA, 1999