Shay D is a rapper and lyricist from London. From the age of fifteen Shay D started to MC with other artists, showcasing on pirate radio and open mics. In Cyprus in 2003, she entered a MC contest and came first over eleven other male MCs, an experience that boosted her confidence as a performer. Shay D takes a keen interest in her surroundings and the troubles young people go through. She decided to combine her love of hip hop and social awareness to run rap and lyric writing workshops for young people across London. Her main shows are usually in support of charities and fundraisers. Shay D continues to write poetry and record underground rap to perform at shows and distribute online and is currently working on her own EP.



  1. 9 May 2012
    Shay D features in a project.

    Selling Sex: Lyrically Challenged Collective