Stephen White is the owner of publishing agency White & Richardson Ltd. Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art from Portsmouth University in 1997, he has collaborated with a number of publishers, directors, designers and musicians in developing his multi-faceted commercial and creative repertoire. He began working as Advertising and Promotions Manager for Jefferson Hack and Rankin at Dazed & Confused in the late nineties and went on to work at i-D magazine as Director of Advertising and U.S Commercial Affairs. He has also worked in a commercial context with an array of fashion brands and commercial partners including Marc Jacobs, L.V.M.H, Chanel, Aveda, Diesel, Vivienne Westwood, Nokia and Sony. White also works as a video artist and continues to work on independent video and art based projects. Commissions and editorial include Levis, Sony Entertainment and Domino Records.