Sunn O))) is an American doom metal band known for its synthesis of diverse genres including drone, ambient, noise, and black metal. Supported by a varying cast of collaborators, the band has two core members: Stephen O'Malley (also of Khanate and Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (of Goatsnake and Engine Kid). 


Sunn O))) is named after the Sunn amplifier brand, whose logo includes a circle next to the "SUNN" banner with waves heading off to the right (the band uses this logo in the cover art of many releases). In interviews, Stephen O'Malley stated that the name was also chosen as a play on the name of the band Earth, pioneers of drone music throughout the 1990s, reasoning that Sunn O))) revolved around Earth. Before the band members moved to Los Angeles, the duo briefly used the moniker Mars.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    Sunn O))) features in a project.