Tessa Kuragi is a London based artist and model of British, Jamaican and Asian heritage. She explores themes of eroticism and surrealism, tending toward the uncomfortable. Her work is centred on her own interests and persona, working with photographers in a collaborative way. Scouted at 15 in Jamaica, she put modelling on hold to concentrate on studying. Her career kicked off at the age of 19, when she could determine her own terms. She has always been drawn to dark, challenging and somewhat confusing work. Araki Nobuyushi, Koji Wakamatsu, Keira O’Reily and Jean Rhys are listed as her biggest influences. 






  1. 11 Nov 2015
    Tessa Kuragi features in a project.

    Marc Blackie

  2. 10 Nov 2015
    Tessa Kuragi creates a film.

    Parfois, mon corps me trahit

  3. 10 Nov 2015
    Tessa Kuragi creates a film.


  4. 9 Nov 2015
    Tessa Kuragi creates a fashion film.