Benedict Roger Wallers (a.k.a. The Rebel) (born 15 September 1971 in St Albans, Hertfordshire) is the frontman, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the band Country Teasers. His lyrics often deal with taboo subjects such as racism, sexism and xenophobia from first-person standpoints. His great friend, Graham Brodie, is his main influence when composing.

The name 'The Rebel' is a reference and homage to the film starring Tony Hancock. Ben Wallers represents himself by a symbol called a Spakenkreuz, which is a Swastika (Hakenkreuz) with a broken (or 'spastic') arm, bent backwards to cross over the previous arm in the circularity of the swastika.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    The Rebel features in a project.