Toyin is a London-based fashion photographer. She undertook her formal education in photography at Bournemouth and Poole Institute of Art and Design. Her work has a distinctive sexualised quality and she professes an intimate approach to her models, who are often younger girls and especially boys. She has contributed editorial work to magazines including: Doing Bird, Visionaire, Vogue Nippon, Vogue Homme, Arena Homme Plus, Dazed and Confused, and she has also worked with Gucci. Toyin recently directed a recent Patrick Wolf video and did a film project for Dazed & Confused for the opening of Edwin Jeans' store in Covent Garden. She continues to work on 'The Cult of Boys', her ongoing personal photographic project.



  1. 8 May 2008
    Toyin features in a project.

    Eyes Of The Beholder

  2. 29 Sep 2005
    Toyin features in a project.

    Moving Fashion

  3. 30 Nov 2004
    Toyin features in a project.


  4. 23 Jul 2004
    Toyin features in a project.