Ulla von Brandenburg was born in 1974 in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

She received her MA from Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg in 2004.

Most of von Brandenburg’s work centers on the exploration of theater as a construct, and the boundaries between audience and actors, subject and object, reality and illusion. Relinquishing theater’s reliance on language, she selects some of its components — props, costumes, choreographed gestures and minimalist roles — exploiting their allusive properties,which have usually been significantly pared down. The expressiveness and drama of theateris eschewed in favor of a restrained approach, in which the slightest gesture or action acquires significance. Often, the device of the curtain is employed to create a threshold that demarcates the space of the theater and that of the real world, for stepping into the world of Ulla von Brandenburg is indeed crossing the threshold into a mental space governed by the imagination, the unconscious and liminal states, and where communication often takes place on a pre-linguistic level.

Ulla von Brandenburg lives and works in Paris.



  1. 27 Jul 2005
    Ulla von Brandenburg features in a project.