Voon Pow is an artist, freelance curator and art critic. She regularly collaborates with artists, curators, editors, gallery owners and art institutions in organising exhibitions, symposiums and writing reviews. Born in Beijing, Voon Pow has also lived in Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia and Australia before settling in the UK. Her first hand experience of the diaspora has informed her work which incorporates the quotidian through photography, text and other media. She is interested in exploring alternative interdisciplinary and transcultural critical art frameworks.

She is also a lecturer and a member of the Higher Education Academy, having taught at UG and PG levels at Central St Martins, London College of Fashion, Chelsea School of Art, the University of the Arts, and in Beijing at the Central Academy of Fine Art, in conjunction with Glasgow School of Art.

Recent Thoughts

Today/Tomorrow: Chinese Art

Mao used the idea of spectacle and the masses to rule people. Now the Gao Brothers have turned this on its side, and made a spectacle of him


  1. 14:00 - 15:00 on 9 Aug 2012
    Voon Pow Bartlett presents a live stream.


  2. 6 Aug 2012
    Voon Pow Bartlett features in a project.

    Today/Tomorrow: Chinese Art