Walter Hugo is a London based artist and photographer. After studying geology, physics, and documentary film-making, Walter then became an autodidactic in the fields of art and photography. His work focuses on visually charming and enticing the viewer into thought and momentary escapism. Often teaming entrancing expressions of beauty with the application of complex methodology or scientific research and process. It is a clear incarnation of the anomaly of his studies, crossing mediums of photography, sculpture, film and performance.

His current project, 'Reflecting The Bright Lights, Capturing a Moment in Silver Nitrate', entails the production of 50 Glass Plate portraits of the fresh creative luminaries of the moment, using a room-sized camera he has built. He is also the Co-founder of Arthur And Albert Magazine.


  1. 28 Jun 2011
    Walter Hugo features in a project.

    Reflecting The Bright Lights

  2. 09:00 - 20:00 on 28 Jun 2011
    Walter Hugo presents a live stream.

    Process Film

  3. 15 Apr 2011
    Walter Hugo creates a Shop item.

    Reflecting The Bright Lights; Capturing a Moment with Silver Nitrate


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