Wendy Bevan is a British Musician, Photographer and Multimedia Artist who combines a surreal and theatrical approach to her work across genres in performance, photography, live visuals and experimental art-works, on stage, musical performance, galleries and photographic imagery. She has developed a unique cinematic world and style of her own making. Although initially training as a Photographer at Art school, Bevan led a parallel life studying Performance and Acting at Drama college.
For over a decade Bevan’s surreal, theatrical photographic works have been presented and published by leading international fashion publications including LOVE, i-D, POP magazine,10, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Italia and Marie-Claire Italia. Her distinctive signature Polaroid work explores the identity and complexities of womanhood against a backdrop of the modern archetypical feminine identity unapologetically breaking away from the mainstream, her work welcomes in the femme fatale and celebrates the theatricality of the gothic. Bevan often uses fashion as costume and the photograph as an extension of the stage. The platform this offered allowed Bevan created a vast body of notably iconic photographic work. She has taken portraits of female icons such as Debbie Harry and Tilda Swinton. 
Bevan has exhibited and performed throughout the UK, Europe and internationally across various prestigious platforms, galleries and venues including the ICA, David Roberts Art Foundation, Toynbee Studios, Arts Admin, The Hackney Empire and music festivals such as Latitude, Wilderness and Secret Garden Party. Also live art performance festivals such as SPILL Festival of Performance, The Edinburgh Festival and making appearances in innovative immersive site specific venues as a performer with UK theatre company Punchdrunk. As a musician, Bevan has collaborated and worked with an array of leading music producers. Her fourth-coming debut album Rose and Thorn produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) will be released on Kwaidan and !K7 Records in September 2016. 
The various roles Bevan has cast herself over the last decade, be it as photographer, visual artist, vocalist, lyricist, filmmaker, and performer she melts and morphs wherever a concept leads her, conceiving and manipulating her work as a means of creating a character, enabling her to deliver immersive experiences to her audiences. Bevan is a visionary and her love of theatricality is ever present in whatever she pursues.