Fashion designer born in Swinton, Manchester. William Hunt was raised in Whitefield becoming a professional footballer at the age of 18.

The music scene in Manchester and the romance of Northern Soul in the Seventies and early Eighties led Hunt from the training ground to the drawing board. An interest in engineering and a skill in architectural design led Hunt to try his hand at clothing with astounding success.

His personal style marked him out from the crowd and caught the attention of the owner of the D Mob store and led William Hunt to his first commercial deal.

Hunt opened his first store on the King's Road in Chelsea, moving to the up-and-coming Neal St in Covent Garden before finally landing in 1998 on the world famous Savile Row.

Fiercely masculine with splashes of colour, William Hunt's designs are noted for their ability to make the wearer feel seven pounds lighter and two inches taller.

Based upon a grounding of engineering and architecture and a love of the Hollywood era, Hunt's style pays unashamed homage to iconic men throughout the ages. His inspired tailoring has led to a cult following from rock stars, actors, sportsmen and celebrities.