As Back End Developer you will build functionality for and ensure the smooth running of the website and related services.

The role involves working closely with the Front End Developer on building and maintaining the website, currently implemented in CakePHP. You will focus on areas like database and application design, developing the model and controller layers of the application, and collaborating closely with the Front End Developer on the view layer.

New features are built regularly and the site is in an ongoing state of development. The functionality of the website is fairly broad (with features like an online store, blog, project archive, calendar system and more) so it provides plenty of challenges and requires disciplined maintenance. Development on the next major version of the website is also due to begin soon and, working closely with Nick Knight and the rest of the team, you will play a key role in recommending which direction the website moves in and which technologies are used to build it. This could involve a change of framework, language and other technologies if appropriate. Responsibilities may also expand to as-yet unexplored areas, such as developing mobile applications on Android or iOS.

The role also requires working in a systems administration capacity, building and managing the servers on which the website is hosted and running other office-related infrastructure such as email and internal file and web servers. You have sole responsibility for the availability and integrity of this data.

You will work with and advise the Technical Assistant and other members of the technical team in managing other aspects of SHOWstudio technology, such as its live video streaming setup, management of user accounts and passwords, other hardware such as webcams, and general tech workflow.

SHOWstudio is a creative, bustling environment where you will work with both technical and non-technical people from a range of disciplines. As a key part of a small team, you will enjoy autonomy and having key input on the direction of the site, what features are implemented, and what technologies are used.


  • 3+ years experience developing websites in languages such as PHP, Ruby or Python
  • Experience of MVC web development frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails or Django
  • Strong sense of development best practices such as object-oriented programming and test-driven development
  • Solid experience in Linux system administration, including MySQL database management, web server configuration and optimisation, and knowledge of security best practices
  • Knowledge of virtual hosting platforms such as Amazon AWS to deliver scalable and high availability web apps. Experience with related tools such as content delivery networks is a bonus.
  • A history of using version control systems like Git to allow successful storage, tracking and sharing of code. Knowledge of other development tools like Vagrant is a bonus.
  • An understanding of media processing and delivery such as Flash- and HTTP-based live video streaming, and processing videos with tools like ffmpeg
  • Basic knowledge of mobile application development on Android or iOS
  • Ability to work well with a high level of autonomy and responsibility
  • Ability to work closely and communicate clearly with both technical and non-technical people

Salary: Depending on level of experience

Type: Full time position

Location: Belgravia, London

Start date: Available immediately

To Apply: Send your CV and covering letter (no longer than 500 words) to Please include “Firstname Surname, Back End Developer Application’ within the subject field of your email.