Finalist: Oscar & Ewan

We’re interested in highlighting the community aspect of football. For us, the art of football isn’t just what happens on the pitch, but how it becomes a central focus for so many people of different backgrounds and cultures. We want to highlight this by literally creating a central point by use of a table. The table being the central point of a home, an object associated with family, sharing and discussion.

By bringing together these ideas, we plan to create a miniature stadium within an oval table which people can congregate around, look at and talk about what they love, football.

The table top will be laser cut with the lines of a stadium from a birds eye view as shown on the previous page. This will create independent parts which we can then lower layer by layer to build up a simplified topographical stadium, see the following page.Around the edges of the table there will be table lamps to simulate the lighting of a stadium and bring focus to the pitch.

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