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Interview - Maria Chen Pascual

by Michelle Duguid .

Michelle Duguid: How did you first become interested in fashion?

Maria Chen Pascual: I found that fashion was a creative outlet for me when I was growing up in the states surrounded by American high school kids. My frustration with the hierarchies of the high school, an environment exemplified by such satiric teen flicks as 'Heathers', drove me towards fashion, or anti-fashion, as an escape.

Michelle Duguid: Can you explain your 'signature' look.

Maria Chen Pascual: Key styles for my collection include bleached-out jersey fabrics, ra-ra shapes and prom dresses, plus accessories such as large broaches by jewellery designer Andrew Logan are key to my signature look this season.

Michelle Duguid: Who do you have in mind when you design?

Maria Chen Pascual: My top five individuals would have to be PJ Harvey, Rose McGowan, Marilyn Manson, Anthony Kiedis, and Perry Farrell.

Michelle Duguid: What do you enjoy about being a fashion designer?

Maria Chen Pascual: The creative-strategic thinking.

Michelle Duguid: Why did you choose to show a film at your catwalk show?

Maria Chen Pascual: Was actually my alternative career choice to make short films or music videos, so it gave me a great opportunity to combine the two disciplines.

Michelle Duguid: In view of that do you think that your clothes work differently in film than they do in still photography?

Maria Chen Pascual: I think capturing motion in film can tell a completely different story, plus you can add music to get the point across.

Michelle Duguid: Who would you like to see wearing your t-shirt design?

Maria Chen Pascual: Would like to see it on someone who could pull it off in a hard yet feminine way, maybe wearing it with Belstaff boots. I can imagine Rose McGowan, but in an all black version.

Michelle Duguid: What's next for you?

Maria Chen Pascual: I would love to open a store, find or make some money, or get appointed as Creative Director somewhere interesting.