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Interview - Félix Larher

by Penny Martin .

Penny Martin: Where did the idea for Barbie Killer in Playland come from?

Félix Larher: From an American badge which says "Barbie for President" and, who would suspect the existence of a Barbie Killer! I love the contrasted elements together.

Penny Martin: Do you have a specific complaint about celebrity and corporate culture?

Félix Larher: I don't care about being famous or about celebrity also. My dog was famous for me.

Penny Martin: Can you describe how the project was put together?

Félix Larher: It came in a very spontaneous way. The project was: let's have fun first and see what happens from that.

Penny Martin: What sources do you usually use to initiate an idea?

Félix Larher: My sources are always a base of pictures I took, which includes elements in a global way. Then I animate them with paintings and colors.

Penny Martin: How does Barbie Killer in Playland relate to your own photographic practice?

Félix Larher: As Barbie Killer is all made from my own prints, it's the same as my prints but there's more freedom because I can't put all my characters from different countries in the same image and that’s the fun for me.

Penny Martin: Do you consider yourself as principally a photographer or an animator?

Félix Larher: Both.

Penny Martin: What difference does it make, showing your project on the Web?

Félix Larher: It can be seen by more people and to be mixed with others artists, whose work I
really like, makes me happy.

Penny Martin: Describe your career so far.

Félix Larher: It's just the start for me, but before I had a lot of freedom and I observed the different places where I've been.

Penny Martin: Who do consider to be your creative peers?

Félix Larher: I really like Basquiat for my understanding of his work and my influences are bbasically music, architecture, movies, animals and unfamous people and my mum.

Penny Martin: Tell us about your next project

Félix Larher: Exhibition at Galerie 213, Marion de Beaupré, in Paris, from the 19th April to 15th June 2002.