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Video Comments

    14:48 Fri 20 Oct 2006
    Menomale che non hai voluto fare un figlio con il figlio di gheddafi..avresti avuto un suocero carnefice come adolf hitler.. Non vorrai abortire? Non sarai così egoista?
  2. acnelac
    03:44 Sat 21 Oct 2006
  3. Se'an O'Brien
    12:34 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    I'm still here, Asia.
  4. billy 23
    07:05 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... "?" your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  5. starlove
    15:13 Fri 27 Oct 2006
    Hi hon.. sending you lots of love and star magic...kisses...i love these video diaries, you are an absolutely amazing girl and the raw insight into your life is amazing and i cannot thank you enough for being yourself because that is truely what IS. xoxox