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Video Comments

  1. partymonger
    12:30 18 Oct 2006
    they say life is a stage, do you feel this is your life as well?? i really enjoy these video diaries Asia, I personally fell like I am knowing you better, and your triumphs and pain......
  2. silvergem
    12:54 18 Oct 2006
    watching these videos is making me restless. Hungry. Thirsty. I am drinking some white wine. I am smoking a joint.
  3. la
    13:14 18 Oct 2006
    Asia,I am in such admiration of youfor doing this ,well done .I hope you don't mind me asking but I think you have great personal style and as my great pleasure in life is Fashion,can I ask if you have favorite designers?
    14:44 18 Oct 2006
    Why you don't talk about witches?Paura..your family have a lot witches..
  5. ampersand
    18:16 18 Oct 2006
    The general population are strange when it comes to fame, aren't they? I admire your bravery, especially sharing your thoughts so freely with the rest of us. Thank you.
  6. Se'an O'Brien
    11:26 21 Oct 2006
    No one has ever had a happy childhood. No one. We were all just pretending to be adults until we could do it ourselves, and that's the part that counts. Where you're at right now is all that counts.