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Video Comments

  1. masok
    00:18 21 Oct 2006
    What do you think about web pages like, or fotologs like, webpages entirely dedicated to you, how do you feel about this? Do you like this? Since you're an actor i imagine you must be used to the exposure. But still, do you like it? On the same subject, do you like being famous? Having all these people thinking they know who you are Or would you rather be an anoymous person?
  2. van
    00:20 21 Oct 2006
    See, you do not fake your life, look at this clip right now, is it fake? It does not look like that to me.
  3. SheSmokesDiamonds
    00:58 21 Oct 2006
    Is there anything that embarasses you? Why do you share with the public (friends and not) all these private things? Do you feel the need to do it? Don't you ever feel shame (I mean "pudore") for yourself or for those people you talk about (boyfriends, your father, ecc)? I'm not blaming you, I'd just like to know why you are so at sight with the media.. as a friend, I'd just like to know how your mind works..
  4. volja
    00:59 21 Oct 2006
    You seem very sincere but the phonecalls sound so totally fake. The guy (morgan) is totally not makes me have doubts about the pregnancy which is a terrible thought of me if its for real and you have to make this decision about this growing life inside of you. Even if you were very cool at the doctor (get rid of the baby)Besides that you also have this big sensitivity.
  5. acnelac
    03:39 21 Oct 2006
    I want people to stop saying 'fake' and just watch. Why do people ask about embarassement and your daughter's feelings? It seems like people want to take your pure rawness and turn into their (our) fearful and fake lifestyle. I guess that is only human nature... try to break what you don't know. xx
  6. Viorica
    03:49 21 Oct 2006
    "pure rawness"(?!) I am moved by the prose. A literati circle of model bookers.
  7. van
    05:33 21 Oct 2006
    rawness is pure. what other word should people use if not fake? And it never was her daughters feeelings more as it was doing somthing you might regret without think of the consequences. If I had a child I would not want them to know some things if I did some things. It's a protective nature. I don't want Asia's lifestyle.
  8. ampersand
    08:04 21 Oct 2006
    To totally digress for a moment: how's your foot? Did that slimy-looking application help? And now...a question, more to the posters here than to Miss Asia: Is it really so disturbing to discover that, when the Fantasy is stripped away, the Star is actually human with problems and issues and happinesses and sorrows so completely their own and is so much like any one of us? That's what I'm getting from the comments left on these entries. Fake or not, it seems these moving digital pages are saying things that people don't like...that's making them too introspective.
  9. maria n
    09:30 21 Oct 2006
    you talk alot about the past I am intrigued to hear if you think about what is to come in the future.Can you guess your own destiny,where you might be some time from now?
  10. la
    09:32 21 Oct 2006
    yeah ,good question maria n ,what is over the horizon Asia?
  11. Se'an O'Brien
    13:08 21 Oct 2006
    I'm still watching.
  12. passenger
    14:39 21 Oct 2006
    this is an art project and these comments are a part of the fabric. However banal and pithy most of these comments are, they say something, and it could almost be said that the true subject of this work is the voyeur- not the exhibitionist....
  13. Lie
    22:22 21 Oct 2006
    Not putting an emphasis on what is already a such an intense thing, can seem as if you are disregarding the actuall true essence of how simple sex really is.
  14. billy 23
    06:30 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... as honest as ever i see. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx