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  1. volja
    00:16 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    When I was a kid while working on the field a grasshopper jumped on my shoulder. I was scared for the moment by the surprise. The creature looked even bigger because it was so near my eyes. And my parents had a book with macro shots of insects including these grasshoppers. Really dont like to see them postersize.Maybe the one who helps Pinokkio is an exception.
  2. SheSmokesDiamonds
    00:17 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Your daughter is delightful :-) On my own for far too long Nothing left to fear..
  3. Se'an O'Brien
    01:52 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    oh, sorry, I wasn't listening. I saw a DS Lite in that video and that was all I could think about the whole time.
  4. queenoftarts
    03:43 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Why are people so afraid of you? You're a boy in a girl's body.
  5. Sebastian Tabernacle
    05:35 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Asia, dear Asia, Seeing you stepping out of a taxi in front of me on Temple Street in Hong Kong on 8/15 made me so happy. You gave me a great hug, too, and I love you for that. I should have stayed to talk with you a bit more. Come to Atlanta GA and see me, or write to me and I will send you a new poem that I have written.
  6. billy 23
    06:18 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... the female i hold dearest to me after 's'. mother angel 'a' of child angel 'a'. crickets are just as troublesome as g-hoppers ; ) i await the next instalment with a great sense of hope. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  7. ampersand
    07:34 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Your daughter is precious...very adorable.
  8. silvergem
    09:43 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    don't you get it? this is a movie! it is staged. what's your problem? are you so corrupted by "real" tv not to draw a line, see the difference? this forum gets on my nerves. not the films. or at least, not the same way. these diaries make me restless.
  9. harley
    10:07 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    silvergem,trying to define one reality as opposed to another is not always helpful.The interesting point in how this project appears to me is the different paralel narratives going on here.It is hard to know wether the dominant story line is actually in these posts or In the film themselves.Just who is telling the story and on what side of screen.I suggest, as I did, you look closer at the characters on this forum.
  10. harley
    10:08 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    my guess is that you are approaching this in a too conventional form.
  11. Salwa
    13:59 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    this is an awesome entry, and something whether fiction or document I can take from. It answered my question, and on my birthday too! I just hope I get to be less scared of things as time goes on.
  12. silvergem
    16:24 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Harley :And who exactly is telling the story? Is there a script? Who is she really? Why did she decide to tell this (hers?) story? Are the characters on this forum just a mean to her exhibitionism?
  13. acnelac
    19:04 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    It is easy to not be afriad when you are jumping outside of ones self. I guess that is just me... jumping outside of myself to do the sacry things in life. Nothing can hurt you when your not really there. Not even a gun at the head;) You are fearless like a giant and yet you seem frightened like a child... that is what is so beautiful about you. xx
  14. passenger
    20:57 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    "My powers are wasted so long as my vision is narrow and personal. And when my will has become passive through close-upness, I fall into a dreamlike state in which illusion and reality are intermingled. I become trapped and tangled in my own narrow values, instead of remaining open to values that are greater than myself. For human beings are intended to connect with values outside of themselves and to become unaware of themselves as personalites." Colin Wilson
  15. Pietro Maggioni
    21:12 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    i'm not buying these diaries as REAL DIARIES, i'm really not. it reminds me too much of Scarlet Diva - you know, she has an abortion, she meets a new guy. i'm still checking it out 3 times a day, but i don't know...
  16. Lie
    21:43 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    Beautiful! The Light, The Film, the words. Everyone needs to be afraid of something - it adds character.