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Video Comments

  1. friend
    00:40 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    ah.....now I sleep.
  2. yours!
    00:48 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Hey, can anyone who understands Italian post what she's saying?
  3. friend
    00:54 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    mon cher 'yours!' she speaks about her first love.But i recommend you learn Italian it's a beautiful poetic tongue,like French.
  4. PatrickMM
    01:28 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    This is an incredible series, both from a content perspective, and just the look of the environments she's in create this overwhelming mood. Very well done.
  5. Clau
    01:45 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Great enviroment, touching story, just love the way she speak her native language. I would love to know what she feels and thinks about sex, sexuality, her first experience with a sexual life, nudity and the differences between the way she sees it and the rest of the ordinary people see it. This is very interesting and it makes me start thinking about all this stories and parts of my life that i never saw in this different aspects... i dont know i guess i should sleep a little g night!
  6. van
    04:01 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    an english summery possibly? ... I feel not a friend anymore..
  7. purple absinthe
    07:23 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    you are so Beatyfull when you are YOU as now i think you are, well just let not start talking about "cursed guy"...don't wanna think about it O.o, and yeah i agree about you can really not love one like him,i'm really sorry about that!
  8. yours!
    01:30 Fri 20 Oct 2006
    Ok, no offense, but seriously, can anyone give a more complete translation? A transcript, anything?
  9. Se'an O'Brien
    11:42 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    Italian is more beautiful than French, by far. I've never thought French was attractive or poetic. Though, it's easy to translate songs to because every single verb rhymes. Fact. I should've learned Italian in high school instead because then I'd know about your first love.
  10. Kurt
    v 01:39 Thu 16 Nov 2006
    Mi dispiace per il tuo amore e la tua sorella... Era una storia molto triste... pero loro sono i tuoi angeli e adesso ti proteggono...