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Video Comments

  1. maria n
    19:43 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    You seem to have grown as a women and with that a good relationship with food. I think as young people we all have the same eating habbits as our parents. I am glad that your daughter is growing up with your stable diet. Yes, i do like your panties
    20:20 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Why you don't do a real XXX movie?
  3. starlove
    15:30 Fri 27 Oct 2006
    why you >don't< learn how to talk to a LADY??
  4. Clau
    20:23 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    It is great to see someone that is so smart and talented being normal about food and her body, now its all full of shit in the world with anorexia and bulimia and shit... love your panties real sexy!
  5. Lie
    20:43 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Its strange how now food seems to now fill a void for you. A void that wasnt thers until you felt changes that were beyond your control? food for me is a big thing. It creates a bond a love in my life, but it can alos be a dangerous weapon people use to show us that there is an inner problem. I find it strange how a material needed for life can have so many different meanings for different people. I think a lot of people are never taught about life and food and how to have a good realtionship with yourself and thevery matter that keeps you Alive.
  6. queenoftarts
    21:41 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Do you want to have another girl or are you hoping for a boy this time?
  7. al.w product
    22:09 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    hey asia call me. al
  8. la
    22:48 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Thanks Asia, you know how important what you eat is if what I saw earlier is true. You are a such a kind and generous girl ,it is so interesting listening to you. Every subject you talk about you show your brilliance.You shine!
  9. harley
    23:03 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    Asia,firstly can I say that you have many friends here and they all care alot about you.And what you are doing here is so powerfull ! Anyway,I have heard you hate fire is this because of your accident and if so are you drawn to something that hurts you.
  10. friend
    00:02 Fri 20 Oct 2006
    Asia ma reine, flowers are things we know, secrets are things we grow, learn from us much look at us but do not touch. je sens que je n'aurai plus rein a te demander. x
  11. Salwa
    01:50 Fri 20 Oct 2006
    why do people always ignore the multitude of good things, good questions, good comments, good wishes and focus on the one asshole, the one chink in the armour or the bumpy bad bit of life (i do this also). are we as females destined for this continuous self-analysis and critique?
  12. billy 23
    07:24 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... "i've got a little biscuit tin, to keep your panties in" your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx