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Video Comments

  1. partymonger
    02:27 18 Oct 2006
    oh shit, i bet that hurts. hope you can take care of you Asia. and i agree, life is painful, but yet beautiful, and sometimes at the same time, which is fucked up.... thanks for sharing all your inner most thoughts, too cool........
  2. van
    04:26 18 Oct 2006
    pain is beauty of humanity, it is also our sorrow, either way, it enstills somthing greater every time. but hell, at least you didnt' put the fire out with your face. ..(i joke) drink a lot of water, herbal tea and pain relevers to help the swelling. good luck then
  3. ampersand
    07:00 18 Oct 2006
    The NeverEnding Story is the one novel that has really made the biggest impact on me. My favourite quote from the film version is "It has to hurt if it's to heal." I apply that quote almost as a salve to every single type of pain I go through. One has to endure pain in order to truly appreciate pleasure. It's the balance of life.
  4. Se'an O'Brien
    11:48 20 Oct 2006
    Oh, that was adorable. Burns are probably the worst injuries, other than being shot in the kneecap.