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Video Comments

  1. SheSmokesDiamonds
    13:43 18 Oct 2006
    Is there anything that you bring with yourself when you're on travel? As to feel less lonely or nearer to your beloved ones...
    14:46 18 Oct 2006
    You don't answer to my question..i know your grandmother was a witch.are you a witch?
  3. girl
    15:09 18 Oct 2006
    i just wanted to say thank you for making these videos, and especially the heart is deceitful above all things. you're the reason i'll be attending film school next fall. what's the story behind your angel tattoo?
  4. van
    15:43 18 Oct 2006
    looks like a cool building. why is the horse on the railing in a glass box?
  5. partymonger
    16:36 18 Oct 2006
    ya Asia, this vid diary thing is ausome, like mini-movies. I was wondering if you could talk some about your DJing.... the hows and whys and motivations of it all. i bartend now, and i was thinking of expanding my horizons into DJing... thanks chick......
  6. ampersand
    18:19 18 Oct 2006
    I'm in love with those stairs and that shot up to the blue ceiling...
  7. Se'an O'Brien
    11:29 21 Oct 2006
    That guy was awesome, very much the quiet type like me. He's the one that plays that 50's song later on that you listened to on your ipod in the airport bathroom. Weird.