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Video Comments

  1. silvergem
    12:06 17 Oct 2006
  2. maria n
    13:25 17 Oct 2006
    I hope you have a safe journey, and i am looking forward to getting to know you better in the next week!
  3. bunnies
    19:02 17 Oct 2006
    Asia Argento is an attention seeking Italian kook. There is such a thing as too much information...
  4. la
    19:37 17 Oct 2006
    I am finding her candour refreshing,and in this world that rare.If she wants a friend I would happily oblige! There is alot about her that is fascinating.So Asia if you need a friend I'm here.
  5. bunnies
    21:17 17 Oct 2006
    she needs a shrink
  6. Mr.45
    06:06 18 Oct 2006
    Sweet..Good for you Asia. This is great. I think most people who have digital diaries are never truly honest even with them self’s, most people always seem to have a curtain mask over them and you never meet the real person, but you seem to be so comfortable with your self that you have no need for a mask.
  7. purple absinthe
    07:20 19 Oct 2006
    well you don't care about movie but you like money coming from there?i mean this is so drab!until now dear you were one of my myth!until now!