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Video Comments

  1. Salwa
    13:33 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    feel better... x
  2. van
    15:27 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    feel better... vitamin c is the key.
  3. ampersand
    19:42 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    I agree with Van...vitamin C. And echinacea. Drink water and try to get some sleep if possible...please take care.
  4. purple absinthe
    20:08 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    stop to asc girl you say you don't puke now you do fuck stop this...
  5. partymonger
    23:41 Thu 19 Oct 2006
    it aint morning sickness is it??
  6. Mr.45
    05:19 Fri 20 Oct 2006
    You fucking rock Asia.Sorry you fell sick but the fact that you let us in that deep into your life is amazing and I'm now addicted to it. Hope you pursue this after this is over.
  7. Se'an O'Brien
    11:46 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    Well, if you feel sick, get sick. I've been there. I even sound exactly the same. I call it "being a dragon" because it makes me feel cool. Try it!
  8. Kurt
    01:43 Thu 16 Nov 2006
    allora..non so... sei un'attrice molto brava o molto onesta dev'essere l'uno o l'altro...