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Video Comments

    18:15 18 Oct 2006
    So bad actor Morgan..why don't study better your fake acting?
    18:21 18 Oct 2006
    Marcoo are you kidding us?:D Maybe we will see marco in some movie..who know..:D
  3. la
    19:21 18 Oct 2006
    Everybody seems so intense in this forum on Asia ,so I feel just a little glib to say this but how fantastic that someone can send such a beautiful film in across the internet and it appears to be lit almost soley by a mobile phone!! It looks better than the lighting on most Holywood films and must cost nothing! So exciting for us who care about such things.
  4. volja
    23:07 18 Oct 2006
    would have been more authentic when the both of you spoke italian, even if that means that I dont understand it.talking about it: did you ever meet the real J.T. Leroy?How did you feel after you made the movie and publicity with the fake one (who did a splendid job by the way) and who was this fake one bla bla
  5. Se'an O'Brien
    11:38 21 Oct 2006
    I think QUOLET is a witch. But they don't have a spell that will teach them to type.
  6. Kurt
    01:22 15 Nov 2006
    Che voce ha lui...