Video Comments

  1. starchild
    12:14 Wed 25 Oct 2006
    Dear Az, You won't believe the mails i'm getting about this. People are genuinely worried about you! Stay in touch (Darran).
  2. volja
    12:41 Wed 25 Oct 2006
    Hi Asia, It would not surprise me that you had a good time at the party.(I only watched the beginning.) You gave a lot to us in such a little time. For an adult this one and a half week passed by swiftly but for a child it was a very long time. Anna Lou will be very happy to see you!
  3. Marianna
    14:15 Wed 25 Oct 2006
    non so perchè ma da un momento all'altro mi sa che impazzisci dinuovo come sul lettino dalla Dottoressa.. mi fa paura lo sguardo finale Asia .. che ti hanno fatto? curiosa di vedere come finirà... Marianna
  4. billy 23
    16:43 Wed 25 Oct 2006
    hello my friend. a dream? a nightmare? the end? i believe the begining... of something beautiful. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  5. Se'an O'Brien
    09:44 Thu 26 Oct 2006
    That reminds me of having to wake up too early in the morning.