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Video Comments

  1. volja
    13:58 Mon 23 Oct 2006
    Just a few more nights and you'll see youre family and team up with youre director who happens to be youre father
  2. passenger
    14:22 Mon 23 Oct 2006
    I have never seen a happy person look so unhappy...
  3. passenger
    14:28 Mon 23 Oct 2006
    "The darkest place is always underneath the lamp."
  4. billy 23
    17:11 Mon 23 Oct 2006
    hello my friend. the bite of ginger ale always makes me happy. happy's where the heart is. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  5. ampersand
    06:24 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    More smiles...very nice. I'm glad there's something behind it, however fleeting it may be.
  6. Se'an O'Brien
    11:31 Tue 24 Oct 2006
    It's scientifically impossible to be in a bed and unhappy at the same time. You can't argue with science.