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Video Comments

  1. silvergem
    00:05 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    It would be easy to kill oneself. If anyone it should be me. My body is wrecked i am mean and angry. Cant seem to make things right. Talk this crazy talk. Dont take care of self. I am, we all are, suffering and miserable. It breaks my heart to hear you are sick and desperate also. For what it is worth I am thinking and dreaming of you all the way over here with the sun gone down and things just keep knocking into my head. U know the rest. You seem to know everything.
  2. acnelac
    03:33 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    It is my music too. xx
  3. ampersand
    06:50 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    This project rather feels like what David Lynch would do if he were to shoot a documentary. As with his narrative features, one's left never knowing what exactly to think and the films are intensely facinating willfully, or against one's own will, exposing the darkness within.
  4. Se'an O'Brien
    12:59 Sat 21 Oct 2006
    Okay, that guy doesn't remind me of me anymore. What an awkward conversation.
  5. billy 23
    06:34 Sun 22 Oct 2006
    hello my friend... i rarely see myself when i look in the mirror, let alone recognise myself. however, sometimes the eyes do register. last night i dreamt that we were in tokyo. we were shopping, but there were no people. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx
  6. baldwin
    17:56 Thu 26 Oct 2006
    oh the werewolf, oh the werewolf comes stepping along he don’t even break the branches where he’s gone once I saw him in the moonlight, when the bats were a flying i saw the werewolf, and the werewolf was crying