Over the two months preceding the live shoot, modelLiberty Ross went on a creative odyssey. Models may generally be the subject of someone else's creativity, but Ross' video self-portraiture project indicated the extent to which the mannequin is capable of self-expression, and is potentially complicit in her own representation on set.

As part of one of her daily film stories, Liberty produced an Yves Klein-alike imprint of her body in tangerine paint - which she then offered as a unique prize, an incentive to online viewers globally to participate in the live styling event in June 2005.

Landon Bradley (known to the Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down audience as 'James San'), was the winner of the unique full-body impression of Liberty herself. He sent us a picture to confirm that it has officially been installed in his Vancouver flat. Who did he invite to officiate at its inauguration, we wonder? We haven't seen Liberty for a couple of weeks...