Alice Hawkins

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Hello Rory by Alice Hawkins

Concept and Direction: Alice Hawkins and Dan Canyon; Performance: Alice Hawkins, Lucy Collett, Anastasia Summers, Emma Frain; Styling: Sam Willoughby; Hair: Eamonn Hughes; Make-up: Hadeel El-Tal; Camera and Lighting: Rob Jarvis; Edit: Dan Canyon; Title: Joseph O’Malley; Fashion: Agent Provocateur, N.OOR, Jade Jagger, Vintage Modes; Soundtrack: Kevin Pollard, Masaki Hosotani, Dan Canyon; Grade:  Malcolm Ellison; Nails: Jenni Draper; Styling Assistance: Lilianna Winiarska, Gemma Butterworth; Hair Styling Assistance: Cyndia Harvey; Make-Up Assistance: Susy Carducci; Managing Direction: Amy Griffith, James Lloyd-Roberts. Tickler: Sami Knight. Production: Jessie Ayles, Leonie Blue Fleming; Thanks to Adam Sunderland, Sarah Shotton at Agent Provocateur, SHOWstudio Gabriela Besevik. Special thanks to Spine TV, Film Plus, Crystal Light and Eaton House Studio.