Asia Argento

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Actress and director Asia Argento created Don't Bother To Knock, a mesmerising series of film shorts, exclusively for SHOWstudio. Presented as a 'video diary', the films - captured during Argento's London promotion of the feature film Marie Antoinette - will be uploaded at 12:00, 18:00 or 00:00 GMT each day between 16 and 25 October 2006. The shorts draw on DIY reportage aesthetics but are actually painstakingly directed by Argento and Nick Knight.

Exploring concepts of voyeurism and the exposing and (arguably) exploitative nature of 'video diary' documentary in their aesthetic treatment, the films intertwine reality with fantasy, sometimes following a script devised by author Emma Forrest, hence blurring the line between fiction and fact. Interspersed amongst the narrative are films exploring the theme of 'Twenty-three words beginning with 'F',' sparking monologues on everything from fetish to Florence and allowing a tantalising and candid insight into Argento's mind (or perhaps not).

The comments made by SHOWstudio users are displayed alongside the films here, forming a narrative in themselves of viewers perceptions of Argento's actions and the suspension of disbelief as they follow the fiction/fact narrative of this unique film series.