Ilia Petrov and Antoha MC / The City of the Sun

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Ilia Petrov directs the Russian musician Antoha MC’s music video The City of the Sun. The film showcases a capsule collection developed by the branding agency BOBO in Paradise in collaboration with Antoha MC. The collection was exhibited at the Museum of Street Art, in St Petersburg, 11 August, 2018. A submission to SHOWstudio, the film is showcased by SHOWstudio as part of our commitment the medium of fashion film.

  • Music: Antoha MC
  • Fashion: Denis Kazantsev (BOBO in Paradise)
  • Film and Editing: Ilia Petrov & Veronika Bobrova
  • Art Direction: Konstantin Lobanov (BOBO in Paradise)
  • Project Curation: Alexander Shumov
  • Consulting: Olga Kalashnikova, Associate Professor of Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design                                  
  • Photography: Lena Panasyuk, Evgeny Dyuzhakin
  • Printing: Kunjut Textile & Design