Jeaneen Lund and Barði Jóhannsson, Sacred Universe

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Jeaneen Lund and Barði Jóhannsson, Sacred Universe

Georgina Evans: Tell me about the storyline of Sacred Universe. 

Jeaneen Lund: The story is about two people preparing to visit a universe where they can make love unidentified. They enter their Sacred Universe.

GE: How do you approach the inclusion of fashion in a shoot?

JL: We worked with amazing stylists in Paris. They understood our vision and pulled beautiful lingerie from Fifi Chachnil. Without fashion, the short film wouldn’t have the same classy sensual feeling.  

GE: Can you tell me about the filming process? 

JL: We came up with the story idea one evening and decided to film in an apartment in Iceland. In order to create the right mood and environment, we put up new wallpaper, brought in lighting and a fog machine. We chose a color palette that fit the feeling of the storyline. Beautiful music played and the atmosphere was bizarre once the masks were on. Bardi composed the dynamic music and Jeaneen did the filming and editing. Together we did the lighting and directed the award winning film, Sacred Universe.