Kenji Hirano / UN.a, COLOR

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Kenji Hirano / UN.a, COLOR 

The focus of the film centres around two, humble baguettes; the first baguette sits intact on a table whilst the second is torn into similarly sized pieces. The baguettes appear to present a transcendent portal, the first destination of the portal takes the viewer to a vista of a savannah and during the protagonist’s second transcendent episode the viewer overlooks a desert. As she begins to tear pieces of the first baguette the portal ceases to function and instead triggers a surreal metamorphosis.

  • Starring: Utae
  • Direction and Cinematography: Kenji Hirano
  • Art direction: Chiho Hirano
  • Make-up: Aya Watanabe
  • Hair: Takayuki Nukui
  • Fashion: AKIKOAOKI, moil
  • Music: Colour by UN.A