Interview - Giles

by Penny Martin .


Penny Martin: When did you first move into your studio? 

Giles: Summer 2003

Penny Martin: What made you choose it? 

Giles: For the light, the peacocks and the badminton court on the roof.

Penny Martin: What are the different roles of the people working in your studio? 

Giles: Shape analyst, sequin/feather counter, karl lagerfetcher, dust manipulator, scissor sharpener, illuminati spotter

Penny Martin: Please describe what happens there on a typical day. 

Giles: Silence. No lunch. Disco at 6 when the mirrorball goes on.

Penny Martin: How did the appearance/décor of your studio come about? Did it evolve spontaneously, or was it designed? 

Giles: Courtsey of Argos.