Damir Doma, Susanne Deeken, Robin Schulie and Mimma Viglezio

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Designers Damir Doma and Susanne Deeken, buyer Robin Schulie and consultant Mimma Viglezio partake in the Aalto ARTS Fashion Seminar 2015 chaired by Dan Thawley and Lou Stoppard.

In association with A Magazine Curated By and SHOWstudio, the Aalto University School of Arts, Design & Architecture present the latest fashion seminar in Helsinki, Finland on the occasion of PreHelsinki 2014, Finland’s annual fashion event. Entitled Building Brands 3.0, the 2015 topic follows on from 2014’s For Fashion’s Sake conversation. The discussion covers everything from the career choices facing young fashion designers and professionals in today’s global climate and the difficulties facing the smaller players everywhere. The aim of the discussion is to paint a realistic picture of the fashion industry as a complex mechanism, with many alternate routes to success.