For F$shion's S@ke

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Frances Corner, Michel Gaubert, Stephen Jones, Lutz Huelle and Ryan Aguilar partake in the Aalto ARTS Fashion Seminar 2014 chaired by Dan Thawley and Lou Stoppard.

In association with A Magazine Curated By and SHOWstudio, the Aalto University School of Arts, Design & Architecture present the third fashion seminar in Helsinki, Finland on the occasion of PreHelsinki 2014, Finland’s annual fashion event. Entitled FOR FA$HION’S S@KE, the 2014 topic is a discourse on a decade of fashion frenzy in the digital age. Gathering a broad selection of personalities from the fashion industry’s most progressive circles, the talk centres on the changing nature of fashion in a wider global and digital context. Departing from the astronomical impact of Internet culture, the panel of experts dissect the rapid diffusion of imagery and its effect on the fashion cycle, through to the rise of the border-defying online marketplace and the social identity crisis of clothes today.