by Alice Rawsthorn .

The Crew
Director, Mark Szaszy
Editor, James Whitehorn

The Cast
Percussion, Corinne
Guitar, Richard
Vocals, Elizabeth

The Kit
Hi 8 Camera

Corinne and Mark's living room, London.

Thursday night, after supper.

Mark & some friends, Richard and Elizabeth, came round. I got out this steel guitar that I'd bought Corinne for her birthday. Richard decided to play it and everyone else joined in, like you do when the vodka comes out. I picked up a camera and started filming. It was completely spontaneous - just a little jam. Corinne: 'we didn't plan it at all. It just happened. We were all really pissed - off our heads - and started playing. At the time, it seemed as though we were playing very serious music. Of course, we weren't, because we were really, really drunk'.

And then?
Mark: 'I made a master copy of a rough cut on Beta, then lost the Beta. All I had was a VHS copy of the Beta master. Nick (Knight) sent someone round to make a Beta copy from the VHS. That's why it looks so degraded. Beta is the top format, so you always dub down from it. I did the opposite, it's like a band making a master recording of an album, but making the CD on an audio cassette copy of it. Technically it's called generation loss. This is like mega-generation loss'.

Why call it The Lo-Fi Test?
Mark: 'Because I was filming with a very old Hi 8 camera, which is as lo-fi as you can go. I love Hi 8 because it's so spontaneous - that's the lo-fi philosophy. And it's called a test because, originally, I thought that MTV might show it, but they were just confused. It was a test to see if MTV got it and they didn't'.

What do they think of it now?
Corinne: 'You look at yourself and think 'what a twat'. Then you look again and it doesn't seem so bad. I think it's really great to capture moments like this'.

Enjoyed this? Why not try?
Mark: 'I love Thomas Vinterberg's film, Festen. Music? Anything by the 11th Floor Elevators, Pusherman or Can, especially Monster Movie'.

Alice Rawsthorn is architecture critic of the Financial Times and editorial director of SHOWstudio.