SHOWtech: Nick Knight discusses shooting in negative and the 360º video format for 'Reality Inverse'

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Nick Knight is joined by SHOWstudio's Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Couceiro, and Junior Film Editor, Myles Hall to unpick the technical details of 360 fashion film 'Reality Inverse'. In 'SHOWtech', Knight, Couceiro and Hall discuss the trials and tribulations of shooting a film both in negative, and in 360 degree format. They reflect on Duckie Thot's role in the project, and ponder the film's soundtrack by Jeremy Healy which is both surreal and familiar, sampling Roy Orbison's 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder'. The 360 film showed at Knight's favourite London Gallery, The Serpentine where it could be viewed with VR headsets provided by Oculus.