Christian Marclay

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Shuffle is an artwork-cum-book that takes on the form of a deck of playing cards. Emulating a Fluxus box, a John Cage 'chance operation' or Eames' House of Cards, the deck of cards, each respresenting an image of musical notation as captured in quotidian life - is intended to be used as a spontaneous musical score. To coincide with the publication Shuffle in print, Marclay invited a lineup of top musicians to interpret the score and bring Shuffle to musical and performative life.

The musicians: 

  • Steve Beresford (electronics) 
  • John Butcher (saxaphone) 
  • BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar) 
  • John Edwards (double bass) 
  • Sylvia Hallett (violin and musical saw) 
  • Alan Tomlinson (trombone) 
  • Byron Wallen (trumpet and flugelhorn).