Kim Gordon & Jutta Koether

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The etymology of the word karaoke suggests it is a fusion of two words that make the evocative sounding oxymoron 'empty orchestra'. The term has come to be a catch all for an international cultural phenomenon based on many forms of ever evolving participatory sing-along technologies. Highly respected New York musicians Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether created an alternative experience for joining in musically, and termed it a reverse karaoke. In an artfully-made tent decked out with black paint strokes, silver stage decorations, and striped fake fur rugs a set up of guitars, synths, drum kit and microphones complete the environment for audience participation experimental Sonic Youth-style. The reverse of the karaoke norm comes in the opportunity to mix Gordon's (pre-recorded) vocals with your instrumentals -removing the familiarity of the hearty sing along, and encouraging application of that bedrock of punk ideologies do-it-yourself- devoid as you are of lyrics appearing by sub-title prompt. Independent principle is continued in the distribution ethic as you are given opportunity to record your own efforts and make the cover for yourself (leaving a version for Koether and Gordon's karaoke collection). Watch how the eminent musicians sound and behave in their own empty orchestra in this intimate glimpse of musical inventiveness.