Stephanie Taylor

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Stephanie Taylor is an artist at home with the poetics of language, and the word play and meaning structure -or quite the lack of- this can engender. A Los Angeles based artist, she creates intruiging narratives for as the basis of works by starting with a given word or phrase that is broken down into syllables, and more specifically sounds, and using these as the basis for new narrative. One work of hers played with the word 'performance', mutating it into the title 'Sir Thor France'. Entire stories are composed using this method, and the result is a series of engaging and poetic narratives, objects, installations and soundtracks that relate to the stories. An original approach to the relationships between language -and the sounds spoken language generates- objects and spoken word poetry. This reading meanders through rhyme and broken, absurd, ultimately nonsensical trajectory that is engaging in its linguistic obfuscations.